Blackdown Childrens Day Nursery

Dedicated to growing children

The Baby Room

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Our specialized and dedicated baby & toddler room is led by Jamie-Leigh. Jamie and Alison in the baby room team aim to create a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.

The room is laid out in such a way it gives each child from it's very first day, a chance to learn from first hand experiences and to develop at their own pace. The wide range of activities provided, cover all 7 learning areas of the E.Y.F.S.

The open plan room provides;- cots for sleep and rest, changing facilities and space to explore. We provide a range of visual, malleable and interactive toys and activities alongside social interaction.

Whilst this is a separate secure room, the nursery is laid out so they will still see and interact with the older children regularly.

With access through the french doors, we have created a dedicated baby garden with an activity zone, sand pit, play bark pit and play equipment, allowing the younger ones to play without the older ones around. However, we believe it is important for the children in the baby room to play with the older children at times. We make regular visits to the larger outside play area to join in with the fun our older friends/siblings are having.

Staff ratios

One member of staff to every three children, with a minimum of two staff in the room.


We recognize that each child has their own routine and our aim is to keep to them as closely as possible. In order to support us with this you will be asked to complete a child's routine schedule and to keep it updated through communication with your child's Key Person.

Record keeping

Your child's Key Person will continually monitor and record your child's progress and will keep you regularly updated through 'Tapestry' which is available for you to view whenever you wish.

Daily requirements

Every child has their own 'personal belongings' tray stored in the room to keep nappies, wet wipes, baby cream and other requirements. (we are happy to use environmentally friendly nappies such as terries, but you will need to be responsible for the laundering of them). The children also have their own pegs in the entrance hallway and drawers in the room to hold their belongings such as bags and comforters. They also are provided with a Tommee Tippee cup upon starting for fresh water throughout the day.

Disposable nappies can be stored in bulk in the nursery and we will remind you in plenty of time to provide more.

What you will need to supply

We ask you to provide enough daily milk feeds for your baby if they require it as well as some spare ready made cartons, just in case they need more. Staff will only be able to make up milk feeds if the water is provided by you - measured into bottles along with milk powder measured out into a clearly labelled sterilised container. Once your child moves onto cows or soya milk, the nursery will provide this.

If you wish to provide baby food during the initial stages of weaning, please speak with your Key Person, otherwise all meals and snacks are provided by us, we can accommodate many different dietary requirements.

Children are encouraged to be independent and feed themselves as soon as the staff feel it is appropriate. We praise the use of manners from an early age and encourage the use of 'please' and 'thank you' through the use of spoken language or signing.